Gordon Black

Lung Transplant

It was with great sadness that the WA transplant community lost a precious soul when Gordon passed away. He was WA’s first lung transplant recipient. The transplant was so successful that 12 months later he returned to full time work as a tree surgeon. Unfortunately though, his lungs failed in 2008.

For their contribution to the Foundation, Gordon and his wife Rona were made life members.

Gordon was diagnosed in early 2001 with severe emphysema.

The waiting list in Melbourne for a transplant was too long. This news was devastating for Gordon.

“We then got a call from Royal Perth Hospital to come up from Dunsborough for tests in early October 2004.  We received a call at 8.25pm on November 28, instructing us to prepare for the transplant the next day.”

Gordon wrote: “I would like to extend my thanks to the valuable support of my wife, Rona, the transplant crew at RPH including the physios and all the staff on G6. And thank God that we now have this successful facility in WA.”

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