Patient Journeys

Read about some amazing and inspirational people as they share their stories and experiences. Tell us about your experience – your life before and after a heart/lung transplant.  Sharing your story, may help someone facing a transplant or caring for someone on a similar journey to you.

11 Yvonne Bali founder


After a life-saving lung transplant in Melbourne in 1999, Yvonne became determined to establish a lung transplant unit in WA. She did not want others to experience separation from loved-ones. Her dream came to fruition in November 2004 with the first lung transplant to take place in Perth. Read more



This inspiring woman had a generous heart even before her heart transplant in November 2003. Her journey from being a self professed ‘regular mum’ and run of the mill family in Kalgoorlie to transplant patient is inspiring and a tribute to her and her close family unit. Read more


“The morning of August 19, 2013 is a day I will never forget,” says Andy Allen. The Perth man, born with cystic fibrosis, had a double lung transplant. Hours before the operation, he says: “My heart was pounding so fast. This was the start of something great.” Read more



After a heart and lung transplant in Melbourne in the 1990s, Richard became a founding member of the Foundation. He and his wife overcame great odds and together with Richard’s son, the trio are living their lives to the full. Read more



In November 2004, Gordon was the first person in WA to receive a single right lung transplant. Together with his wife, the pair made the very most of their second chance. Sadly Gordon died in March 2009 but the contribution made by him and his wife lives on. Read more



Wise beyond her years this young lady is a tribute to her family and an inspiration to young people everywhere. Evlyn Hossack was born with a congenital heart defect and in 2008 became the third person in WA to have a heart and lung transplant. Read more



When Allan Collings started on oxygen, the avid amateur sports administrator bought a backpack, put his small oxygen cylinder in it and kept on with life. In fact, he once drove alone from Perth to Queensland with his oxygen cylinder to attend a softball championship. But like other transplant patients, the road to better health has not always been without its hiccups. Read more



She was born with a hole in her heart.  Despite doctors predictions she wouldn’t see her 18th birthday Tatiana defied the odds. She explored parts of the world, fell in love and strived to maintain her health.  In May 2007, Tatiana became the second person in WA to have a heart and lung transplant. Read more



Sharareh Ahmadzadeh shook off her feeling of fatigue, thinking she was exhausted after her latest overseas holiday. Admitted to hospital late one January night with abdominal pain, bloating and breathing difficulties, the 28-year-old was eventually diagnosed with dilated myopathy. Read more



Jamie is a Cystic Fibrosis lung transplant recipient whose journey to transplant started when he was six months old. He is courageous and has taken more than just CF and transplantation in his stride. His love for life is a striking example for all. Read more

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