Sharareh Ahmadzadeh

Board Member

“As a recipient of a Heart Transplant, I am keen to provide the Foundation with an insight into the concerns and needs of current patients and how the Foundation can best serve their needs.  I want to help the Foundation to  provide a stronger link between the Foundation and current patients, and to help the Foundation better serve the needs of patients.”

Sharareh Ahmadzedeh’s organ transplant experience means she can empathise and relate to current patients who are either waiting for a transplant or who have already had one. She can also provide future transplant patients with an insight into what to expect from a patient’s point of view and provide an opportunity to discuss how the Foundation can assist them and their families.

Being a teacher outside the Foundation, Sharareh is caring, compassionate, understanding and a good listener.  These skills will help her to be a valuable conduit between the Board and heart and / or lung transplant patients.

Phone:  0401 080 893

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